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Bespoke parent website designed for the Rhino Industrial Vacuums company in Gloucester

A fully custom-design Responsive website for Gloucester based Rhino Industrial Vacuums to promote their range of heavy-duty commercial vacuum cleaners.

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Rhino Industrial Vacuums
Gloucester, Gloucestershire

Obviously it's hard not to use cheesy puns about how much Rhino Industrial Vacuums' products suck... but the fact is, these huge commercial vacuum cleaners suck in a BIG way, and so we needed to design and build a website that certainly doesn't! Anyway...

Designing a website for a target market

These products are aimed at very niche markets, although there are plenty of them around - manufacturing, warehousing, food preparation, hazardous commercial environments and more besides.

Our primary geographical region to focus on was the UK. So we made sure this website stands out from the crowd, in terms of Rhino's competitors. Not only where the visual design in concerned, but also endowing it with the ability and flexibility to compete strongly in the search engine results.

The product data is the key element of this site and thankfully Rhino have a strong wealth of technical knowledge and information. This will be great for growing their search engine results.

The customer is king

Making sure the customer has plenty of options for contacting Rhino (Callback form, Contact form and download PDFs), when they are interested in their products, was the primary goal of this site. Once the customer has made contact, Rhino are experts at being able to help and advise on the best vacuum cleaners suitable for their needs.

The CMS and hosting

Needless so say, we have employed the strengths and flexibility of the ExpressionEngine CMS to make this site run smoothly. Rhino have a strong set of tools at their disposal, to edit, update and add new content to the website whenever the see fit.

On top of that, we have hosted this site on a fast Linux server, to make sure it has the best chance of responding to as many customer visitors, as smoothly as possible.

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