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Branding and responsive website design for Posh Soaps’ ecommerce site

This completely new soap retail business called for branding design as well as a new ecommerce website.

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Posh Soaps
Warminster, Wiltshire

Once the branding and logo had been designed, we could get started on the website design. The two most important things with site, were to make the products clear and make the purchasing process as obvious as possible - although we do like the "Add To Bath" idea instead of using the standard "Add To Basket" button. We had to go with a more soapy theme after all!

We knew that most of the customers using this site would most likely be female, so we have designed it with a soft and elegant - and fun - look & feel. As the product photos are really the main element that sell the products, we wanted to keep the overall website design clean and uncluttered. We hope you like it.

The site has been coded in HTML5 as a completely Responsive design, so that customers can use any device to get the best shopping experience possible. The layout and the images all resize according the screen size that the site is being viewed on.

The ExpressionEngine CMS has been used to great effect on most of our customer's sites, and this one is no exception. We've also use the CartThrob ecommerce module for ExpressionEngine to drive the shopping basket & checkout side of things.

We also host the website on a Linux server running a MySQL database.

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