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Glamorous new website designed and built for the Orange Room Nail Studio

With their orange themed branding already created, we designed this independent nail salon's website to match.

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Orange Room Nail Studio
Portsmouth, Hampshire

It's great to design and build a website aimed at women for a change. Although the requirements are the same - ease of use, attractive design, useful information - the visual styling needs to be softer and targeted at the type of customer who might want their nails done. As the logo was already designed, we had a nice job of matching the website design style to that.

As manicures, pedicures and nail art are a very visual thing, we made sure that photos are in a prominant position on all pages. Clear pricing and customer testimonials are also very important, so they have their own dedicated pages.

Simple design with an easy-to-use CMS

By making the website design quite simple, it also makes the user experience clean and enjoyable.

To compliment this, our go-to CMS for all our websites - ExpressionEngine - is also simple to use for the Admin user. This means all types of website content can added and edited very easily - even for the complete beginner.

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