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Custom ExpressionEngine Dashboards

Need to create some slick frontend screens to help your users manage ExpressionEngine entries, members, ecommerce orders or form submissions?

Custom ExpressionEngine Dashboards

Data management dashboards for ExpressionEngine We have designed and built numerous website with advanced data processing functionality right across the spectrum.

From simple contact forms, to full ecommerce and quote enquiry forms with job management backend tools and CRM - all with the ExpressionEngine CMS.

Dashboards for all occasions

Ecommerce customer records

Ecommerce customer records

Managing ecommerce customers in the ExpressionEngine backend isn’t the most friendly or cleanest experience, so we have produced some nice custom frontend tools to make this much easier for order processing staff.

We only displayed the data fields of interest and were able to create a much softer and easier-to-use interface, to make these everyday tasks a joy.

Ecommerce order management

Ecommerce order management

If you’re receiving a large number of orders from your website on a daily basis (or even just a few every week) it makes sense to make your life easier with a simpler order processing tool. Or we can make it as advanced as you like.

Our order processing dashboards, give you only the information you need, like the items ordered, prices, totals, billing and shipping details, as well as printable Packing Sheets and Invoices. You can also change the status of orders to make sure they’re filed out of the way when complete.

Website SEO management

Website SEO management

Wouldn’t it be great if you see all your website pages META tags and headings in one place to make site’s SEO management simpler and easier?

Our SEO Manager dashboards, break your data Channels into different tabs, and present everything on a single screen, so you can easily compare Entries against each other. This helps give you an oversight of all your pages, so you can focus on spreading the SEO-love across all your META tags and key page content.

Job management and CRM

Job management and CRM

Capturing customer enquiries and quotes requests from your website is great to help grow your business. But what about managing these enquiries once they convert into orders and jobs?

One of our most advanced dashboard tools created to date, is a full customer enquiry / quote request manager, with a job workflow manager and some CRM tools built-in too.

When a new quote request comes in from the website, it appears in the Job Manager and is colour-coded accordingly. The company’s aim is to process these quotes and live jobs within a certain timeframe, so the colours of the jobs change with each day/week that passes. This makes is easier for them to address the most critical jobs first and have a great overview of all the jobs on their books at any time.

Job data and updates can be recorded on the system, emails can be automatically sent when Job Statuses change and changes can be made by anyone in the business from anywhere in the country.

There are numerous Searches available in the system to retrieve customer and job records.
Record updates are attributed to staff, as their login is recorded when they make edits.
Different staff can have different levels of access, so that specific duties can be allocated across company departments.

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