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Custom ExpressionEngine Dashboards

Need to create some slick frontend screens to help your users manage ExpressionEngine entries, members, ecommerce orders or form submissions?

Custom ExpressionEngine Dashboards

Data management dashboards for ExpressionEngine We have designed and built numerous website with advanced data processing functionality right across the spectrum.

From simple contact forms, to full ecommerce and quote enquiry forms with job management backend tools and CRM - all with the ExpressionEngine CMS.

Dashboards for all occasions

Ecommerce customer records

Ecommerce customer records

Managing ecommerce customers in the ExpressionEngine backend isn’t the most friendly or cleanest experience, so we have produced some nice custom frontend tools to make this much easier for order processing staff.

We only displayed the data fields of interest and were able to create a much softer and easier-to-use interface, to make these everyday tasks a joy.

Ecommerce order management

Ecommerce order management

If you’re receiving a large number of orders from your website on a daily basis (or even just a few every week) it makes sense to make your life easier with a simpler order processing tool. Or we can make it as advanced as you like.

Our order processing dashboards, give you only the information you need, like the items ordered, prices, totals, billing and shipping details, as well as printable Packing Sheets and Invoices. You can also change the status of orders to make sure they’re filed out of the way when complete.

Website SEO management

Website SEO management

Wouldn’t it be great if you see all your website pages META tags and headings in one place to make site’s SEO management simpler and easier?

Our SEO Manager dashboards, break your data Channels into different tabs, and present everything on a single screen, so you can easily compare Entries against each other. This helps give you an oversight of all your pages, so you can focus on spreading the SEO-love across all your META tags and key page content.

Job management and CRM

Job management and CRM

Capturing customer enquiries and quotes requests from your website is great to help grow your business. But what about managing these enquiries once they convert into orders and jobs?

One of our most advanced dashboard tools created to date, is a full customer enquiry / quote request manager, with a job workflow manager and some CRM tools built-in too.

When a new quote request comes in from the website, it appears in the Job Manager and is colour-coded accordingly. The company’s aim is to process these quotes and live jobs within a certain timeframe, so the colours of the jobs change with each day/week that passes. This makes is easier for them to address the most critical jobs first and have a great overview of all the jobs on their books at any time.

Job data and updates can be recorded on the system, emails can be automatically sent when Job Statuses change and changes can be made by anyone in the business from anywhere in the country.

There are numerous Searches available in the system to retrieve customer and job records.
Record updates are attributed to staff, as their login is recorded when they make edits.
Different staff can have different levels of access, so that specific duties can be allocated across company departments.

Have a look at our Ecommerce Websites portfolio

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Eco Hosting UK

100% Renewable Energy

Our main website hosting provider, houses its web servers in a data centre using 100% renewable / clean energy. This means you can relax, knowing your website is ‘eco’, ‘green’ and ‘clean’.

Not only that, but the IC360 office is powered by Ecotricity’s green energy - so your website will be designed and built ‘eco’ too.

UK Hosting for UK Businesses

As our main website hosting provider is UK-based (with their data centre in London) you can be sure your website data - and your customer’s data - remains safe within the UK.

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Website Growth Plans

Growing your business... on the web... every month

IC360 website growth plans

Your website gets maintained on an ongoing basis - your online presence can continually grow in the right direction, every month.

We’ll become your business partner for online growth - constant website development and improvement rather than a big hit all at once.

Great for your customers… great for the Search Engines… great to keep things moving forward.

How does it work?

The work will consist of numerous items selected as being appropriate, on a monthly basis, to continually develop and evolve your website and digital marketing.

It gives you a set number of hours per month, for a fixed price, for us to add/edit content, make Search Engine improvements (SEO), make system software updates/upgrades, build new/improved site features, improve your site content, and much more.

Key Aims

• To continually analyse the needs of the business and offer strategic improvements to its online marketing.
• To maintain and improve the relevant website(s) to help gain more enquiries and sales, through more and better quality leads.
• To develop the website(s) further, in relation to the growth of the business and/or breadth of target markets.
• To seamlessly update and maintain the software used to run the website(s).

How much? You choose…


2 hours / month
£ 115 / month +VAT (normally £140)

Direct Debit signup


4 hours / month
£ 210 / month +VAT (normally £280)

Direct Debit signup


6 hours / month
£ 295 / month +VAT (normally £420)

Direct Debit signup

What you get every month…

A suitable / applicable selection of these will be performed every month:

Website Improvements Ecommerce Developments Online Marketing
  • CMS software/plugin updates.
  • Graphics / photo improvements.
  • Banner/slideshow graphic/photo updates.
  • Responsive design and code.
  • Social media links.
  • Share button.
  • How-to guides.
  • FAQs.
  • Add Twitter feed.
  • Custom 404 error pages.
  • Printable page versions (CSS).
  • Optimise for Retina/HD.
  • Content planning and article authoring.
  • On-page Facebook comments for visitors.
  • Pinterest sharing on images.
  • Site security check/audit.
  • Seasonal promos / styling.
  • Customer account logins:
    - Order history.
    - Re-order function.
    - Sales automation (abandoned shopping carts).
    - Wishlist.
    - Gift certificates.
    - Subscriptions.
    - Loyalty point credits.
  • Marketing automation (after sales follow ups).
  • Monthly pre-authored newsletters.
  • Create sales funnels (free downloads) to initiate automated marketing.
  • Google/Bing ads management.
  • Customer profiling, to improve targeting.
  • Mailchimp template setups.
  • Newsletter signup / customer email address list export.
  • Google Maps profile updates.
  • Trustpilot customer reviews implementation.
SEO Developments Social Media Systems and Hosting
  • Write unique content.
  • META tags.
  • Image ALT tags.
  • Inbound links from suppliers, customers, relevant websites.
  • Stats analysis.
  • Key phrase optimisation.
  • Facebook profile creation / updates.
  • Facebook ads management to grow ‘fanbase’.
  • Tweeting.
  • LinkedIn posts / business page updates.
  • Google+ profile updates.
  • Pinterest profile updates.
  • Bug fixes and updates.
  • Site backups.
  • Website page caching (increase site speed).
  • Website database cleanup / optimisation.
  • Upgrade to faster PHP 7.


1) Starts on the calendar month of first payment.
2) No minimum term. Cancel at any time.
3) Unused hours in a month (at the Client’s request) are rolled over to the next month, for a maximum of 1 month.
4) Payable by Direct Debit.
5) Unless otherwise stated above, prices shown are exclusive of web hosting and domain name(s) registration.
6) Any additional work requested will be charged on an hourly basis at our current hourly rate or quoted for separately.
7) The client is ultimately responsible for the provision of all content, unless otherwise agreed.

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To Wordpress, or not to Wordpress?

We do professional websites... not amateur blogs.

On the whole, Wordpress looks like a great piece of free software to set up and run your own website, both quickly and without fuss.

If you want to do it all yourself… then this statement can be true - depending on how involved you want to get with tinkering with code (or not).
But at IC360, we’re all about professional websites; not amateur ones. We want to give your business real online success.

Benefits? Let's look at some keywords from that first sentence.

Yes, it’s free to download and install. But ‘free’ doesn’t usually mean ‘better’ or ‘best’. Neither does it usually mean ‘fit for purpose’, but we realise this can be a matter of opinion.

Set up
Yes, it takes less than 5 minutes to install Wordpress and it’s very quick to get started using one of the many free Themes available to download from the web. But how many thousands of other businesses will also be using the same Theme for their website design? What about your company’s branding & identity? Isn’t that important to you?

Yes, you can run your own website completely on your own terms using Wordpress. That is, as long as you are happy working within its own comfort zone; using plugins which may or may not work as you want them to; using Themes which don’t quite fit in with your company’s brand. And what happens if you want more? Or if you need to tinker with the site code itself? Are you prepared to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP? Probably best to leave that to the professionals, while you focus on getting more sales and running your business.

Yes, you can create content for your site relatively quickly and easily using Wordpress. But then most CMS systems (should) make it easy to add/edit site content. Expanding the features and functionality of your website beyond what Wordpress can achieve out-of-the-box isn’t so simple - even by using plugins. In fact it can be a major pain in the backside and far more complicated than it needs to be. This means longer development times, more cost to you and more things that can go wrong. We say… “Why overcomplicate the issue?!”

Without fuss
It’s even easy to install software updates. And why would you need to install software updates? Probably because Wordpress is now one of the most frequently targeted pieces of web software by hackers and suchlike. Security is a major concern with websites today… so maybe it would be safer (and much less hassle) to use a platform which is more secure and less targeted.

So what CMS do IC360 recommend?

We love Expression Engine and we know you will too.
Just like Wordpress, it too started life predominantly as a blogging engine, but it has since become so much more.

We use it to provide CMS functionality to as many of the websites we build as possible. And here’s why…

It’s very easy…
to integrate any HTML templates we throw at it - meaning that we can custom design a website look exactly how we please, knowing that the CMS can drive it with no hassles.

It’s a paid-for commercial product.
This means we know the software developers are serious about the product and we know they are constantly improving it all the time, to make it slicker and even more flexible.

It’s simple.
There is no PHP involved. If we need to do anything more advanced, we can easily use PHP in the templates if necessary. But 99% of the time, everything we need can be done using standard Expression Engine tags.

It’s solid and secure.
We know that updates will just work, as they will have been thoroughly tested. And it doesn’t get targeted by hackers and other less scrupulous characters… unlike Wordpress.

It’s flexible.
There are hundreds of Modules, Extensions, Accessories and Plugins available to expand the functionality. These can cover anything from nice little extras for the Control Panel, right up to full Shopping Basket and Order Management modules.

Have a look at our Brochure Websites portfolio

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ExpressionEngine and CartThrob Ecommerce Websites

Providing real ecommerce power, for real companies with real ecommerce needs

ExpressionEngine websites, running the CartThrob ecommerce module are ideal for companies selling products (or services) online, who don’t want to spend a fortune, but who want all the features of an off-the-shelf ecommerce software package, but with the added benefits of being scalable to their future requirements.

We have designed and developed many ExpressionEngine / CartThrob based websites over the years, and have got to know it well. It’s a great piece of commercial ecommerce software and when married to a really nicely designed front end, it provides clients with a superb online shopping experience and offers a feature-packed order processing system.

ExpressionEngine / CartThrob has some awesome features, including:

- full site Content Management System (CMS)
- product catalogue management
- order processing
- customer account management
- product and checkout offers/discounts
- order confirmation emails and invoices

Custom ExpressionEngine Dashboards

Find out more about custom-built EE dashboards to make managing your customer data, orders and form submissions a joy!

Custom ExpressionEngine Dashboards for your EE website


Have a look at our Ecommerce Websites portfolio

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ExpressionEngine Websites

Simplicity and Flexibility - a great combination

ExpressionEngine is our CMS of choice. We love it!

It offers great flexibility to us as a developer, so we can give you the power to control the content on your own website, without all the added complexities involved with some content management systems. It’s ideal for small websites, offering brochure-like information to the end-user…. and it’s also great for larger sites - with or without ecommerce. The possibilities are virtually limitless with this software.

Check it out for yourself here: www.expressionengine.com

Ecommerce - the easy way

Add products to your website. Sell them. Get paid. Simple!

Using the ExpressionEngine CMS with the CartThrob ecommerce module, we can offer a simple (yet customisable and expandable) online shopping experience to the end-user and also a powerful tool for you to run your ecommerce business.

Products can be added / edited/ removed.
Orders can be stored and managed.
Shipping rates can be managed.
VAT and taxes can be controlled.
Use any payment gateway, such as Paypal or Sagepay or one of your own choice.

Custom ExpressionEngine Dashboards

Find out more about custom-built EE dashboards to make managing your customer data, orders and form submissions a joy!

Custom ExpressionEngine Dashboards for your EE website


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Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting

Domain Name Registration

All the usual domain names extensions are available for registration (.com .co.uk .org .org.uk) plus virtually any other you might need.

We can provide domain names for virtually every country in world. So if you’re looking to set up an office abroad or trade in Europe (.eu .fr .de .se .es .ie) or somewhere further afield like Hong Kong (.hk), India (.in) or China (.cn) we can secure domain names for these regions (and many others).

Or, if you are looking to transfer your domain name to another provider or bring all your domain names together “under one roof”, we can manage them all for you and provide website hosting and email services to suit.

Reliable and Flexible Website Hosting & Email Packages

We can provide a number of website hosting options, ranging from a low-end basic shared hosting package to a fully managed dedicated server.

Our shared hosting solutions run PHP, MySQL / MariaDB and most other applications required to run a website. These include webstats for your site, and mailboxes with controllable spam filtering.

If a VPS or Dedicated server is required for a more powerful and resource-hungry site, we can provide solutions ranging from the budget end of the scale, right up to multi-server solutions. Depending on your requirements, we will give you a quote for the server spec to suit you.

Additionally, we can transfer-in your domain name and website hosting services from your existing provider and manage it for you, all “under one roof”.

And if you’re looking UK Eco Hosting for your website, find out more on our Eco Hosting page…

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Content Management Systems

So what is a CMS anyway?

An easy-to-use web-based online tool that enables you to add, edit or remove content from your website, without having to get your web developer involved. You can make changes as often as you like and in any way that has been designed & programmed into your system from day one.

The right tool for the job

When we first meet with you to discuss your website requirements, we will talk about content management systems and find out which option will be best for you. Depending on your type of site, the type of data you will be presenting and how you want your website to work, there will a content management system that is just right. Otherwise, we’ll code one especially for your needs!

If you have a brochure site, you could use a CMS to update your blog, the latest news or general site content to help increase your site’s traffic and generate more business. Our preferred off-the-shelf content management system is Expression Engine. Designed initially as a blogging engine, it has expanded into an immensely capable CMS and is suitable for nearly all types of websites.

If you have an ecommerce site, a CMS is an essential tool to keep your product database and customer data up-to-date. Product changes, stock levels, special offers, seasonal promotions are all things that can be best managed with a good content management system. Even if you don’t want to sell directly online, an ecommerce CMS can be used to manage your product catalogue.

We can design a custom built system to any specification, if you have needs outside the usual parameters offered by off-the-shelf systems.

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Ecommerce and Online Shopping Websites

Your shop window onto on the online High Street

Buying online might have been a novelty in previous years, but now it is the first place to look for the best priced products and for those who want the convenience of home shopping.

Ecommerce websites can be very simple, or extremely sophisticated. They range from a simple Paypal driven website selling a handful of products (or less), to a completely custom built ecommerce site with thousands of products, advanced customer management and order management backend tools, receiving thousands of orders every month.

We have broad experience with designing and developing online stores. We can include just a few products for sale, using an external Paypal Shopping Cart or by integrating a simple ecommerce module into your ExpressionEngine dynamically-driven site. Or, we can set up a complete online web shop using CartThrob, with custom designed templates to meet your company branding and identity.

Wow-factor shipped as standard

A crucial part of any store - whether in the High Street or on the web - is its appearance. Customers would much rather shop in a clean, tidy, well organised shop, than a dusty, dirty and messy establishment.

When creating ecommerce stores, we design a look and feel that compliments your product types, your branding and your customers’ expectations. Every shop is different, so we custom design everything to suit.

Ease of use and organisation of products in the store, is the other main consideration made during the design phase. Our goal is remove as many hurdles for the customer to overcome as possible, to make their route through the site as simple and as enjoyable as possible.

Have a look at our Ecommerce Websites portfolio

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Static and Dynamic Brochure Websites

Telling your customers about your company and your core offerings

Generally known as ‘brochure sites’ - websites that don’t sell products or services directly online - offer your business a promotional platform and help prospective customers or partners get to know you and what you’re all about.

Using a similar approach to a traditional printed brochure, the website will give information covering your core company offerings, major skillsets, unique selling points, advantages over your competitors and will illustrate how your customers will benefit - all wrapped up in a strong design, projecting your branding & identity.

Static vs Dynamic

A website is just a brochure, right?
No, certainly not.

In the early days, nearly all websites were ‘static’. They were designed, built and uploaded to the internet. Job done. Any changes or updates were done manually by someone fluent in HTML. Sites didn’t change much and they essentially acted as just an online leaflet or brochure.

How things change is such a short time! Now, to get anywhere highly ranked on the search engines, sites need to be updated regularly with new content and new features. If the likes of Google see that your content doesn’t get updated, it will take you less seriously when it comes to ranking your site against your competitors.

The simplest form of new content that can be added, is news. Company news, latest product/service news, industry news… pretty much any news that relates to your business. Other types of content that can be edited are seasonal items (eg. special offers for the summer), customer testimonials & success stories, price lists, events, reviews, portfolios and a lot more.

In recent years, user generated content has been a major force, making some websites extremely successful. MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Amazon are all sites that either rely on user generated content entirely, or in part, to add value. Nearly all websites can take advantage of user generated content.

If you run a hotel, you can allow customers to upload reviews; if you’re an event organiser, you could let people submit testimonials and feedback; if you’re a manufacturer or retailer, you could let your customers uploaded photos or videos of them using your products. Whatever will help boost your profile, add value to your website and make a ‘good news’ story.

Have a look at our Brochure Websites portfolio

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Website Design And Development

Unique, high-quality, specially designed websites for business success

A professionally designed website is a must-have in today’s highly competitive marketplace. IC360 are experienced in all aspects of web design and know how to establish a professional web presence for your business.

We understand how corporate branding can be combined with great design sense, to produce a meaningful website which communicates directly with your customers. Your company website should project an image that reflects the quality and services of your company. It should be unique, easy to use and present all the necessary information about your business in an eye-catching and professional manner.

Website design - where quality is not an optional extra

Your website is important to you and your company. It is therefore important to us that we deliver you the right website for your business - and more importantly, your customers.

- Unique, professionally designed graphics
- Database driven content delivery
- eCommerce functionality
- Content management systems
- Virtual tours and virtual objects
- Audio and video content
- Modular and upgradeable structure
- Built-in search engine optimisation (SEO)
- Web Stats for tracking website performance
- eNewsletters to help you keep in touch

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Virtual Tours



Have a look at our Virtual Tours portfolio



Static and Dynamic Brochure Websites

Effective and impacting websites that your customers will love and which generate more business for you.

More about Static and Dynamic Brochure Websites

Have a look at our Brochure Websites portfolio

Ecommerce and Online Shopping Websites

Great ecommerce websites for your business-to-business sales or consumer products retail store.

More about Ecommerce and Online Shopping Websites

Have a look at our Ecommerce Websites portfolio

Content Management Systems

Powerful, yet easy-to-use, bespoke or custom content management systems for your website.

More about Content Management Systems

Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting

Secure any domain name for your business and launch your site with our professional web hosting & email hosting packages.

More about Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting

ExpressionEngine Websites

Clean and flexible content management system for any website - brochure site or ecommerce - we love it!

More about ExpressionEngine Websites

ExpressionEngine and CartThrob Ecommerce Websites

Flexible and powerful CMS and ecommerce platform for businesses serious about selling their products online.

More about ExpressionEngine and CartThrob Ecommerce Websites

Have a look at our Ecommerce Websites portfolio

Website Growth Plans

Growing your business… on the web… every month

More about Website Growth Plans

Eco Hosting UK

Renewable energy powered website hosting based in the UK

More about Eco Hosting UK

Custom ExpressionEngine Dashboards

Slick frontend screens for users to manage ExpressionEngine entries, members, ecommerce orders or form submissions?

More about Custom ExpressionEngine Dashboards

Have a look at our Ecommerce Websites portfolio

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Established since 1999, we have the experience that counts, customer service that matters and high production values that make a difference.