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Static and Dynamic Brochure Websites

Telling your customers about your company and your core offerings

Generally known as ‘brochure sites’ - websites that don’t sell products or services directly online - offer your business a promotional platform and help prospective customers or partners get to know you and what you’re all about.

Using a similar approach to a traditional printed brochure, the website will give information covering your core company offerings, major skillsets, unique selling points, advantages over your competitors and will illustrate how your customers will benefit - all wrapped up in a strong design, projecting your branding & identity.

Static vs Dynamic

A website is just a brochure, right?
No, certainly not.

In the early days, nearly all websites were ‘static’. They were designed, built and uploaded to the internet. Job done. Any changes or updates were done manually by someone fluent in HTML. Sites didn’t change much and they essentially acted as just an online leaflet or brochure.

How things change is such a short time! Now, to get anywhere highly ranked on the search engines, sites need to be updated regularly with new content and new features. If the likes of Google see that your content doesn’t get updated, it will take you less seriously when it comes to ranking your site against your competitors.

The simplest form of new content that can be added, is news. Company news, latest product/service news, industry news… pretty much any news that relates to your business. Other types of content that can be edited are seasonal items (eg. special offers for the summer), customer testimonials & success stories, price lists, events, reviews, portfolios and a lot more.

In recent years, user generated content has been a major force, making some websites extremely successful. MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Amazon are all sites that either rely on user generated content entirely, or in part, to add value. Nearly all websites can take advantage of user generated content.

If you run a hotel, you can allow customers to upload reviews; if you’re an event organiser, you could let people submit testimonials and feedback; if you’re a manufacturer or retailer, you could let your customers uploaded photos or videos of them using your products. Whatever will help boost your profile, add value to your website and make a ‘good news’ story.

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